The Sablonceaux 墓地扩建,法国 / A6A



  The Sablonceaux cemetery extension project represented for us the first opportunity to intervene on a protected site. A way to reaffirm our point of view on an located architecture, able to jostle and surprise while respectfully insert in its context. An architecture that is both touching and expressive. The project is located at the foot of the Abbey, in the extension of the old cemetery. On a sloping ground towards a river, in a close relationship with the territory, it seeks to integrate delicately without modifying the topography. Thus, the new cemetery can be read like a line in the landscape, a new stratum.

  ▼远观墓地,与地面融为一体;the extension part integrates with the landscape when looking from far away


  The constructed elements come to underline the Abbey. The use of “site concrete” constitutes the link between our intervention and the existing one. We want to establish a continuity in the materials, based on their expressive truth. Go for the limestone where the stones of the Abbey could be extracted. Use it differently, in a contemporary way. Draw inside the memory of the place. These walls mark the new entrance and invite you to contemplate on the monument from a new angle. A course is defined around it, accentuated by the declivity of the field. Inside, the columbarium rises in front of us, hiding and revealing the existing wall, in a game of depths and rhythms that highlights the present stone, the passing time.

  ▼墓地入口,the entrance of the cemetory


  An elevated platform, like a promontory on the landscape, establishes the transition between the old cemetery and its extension. Inside it, the Jardin des Souvenirs, the garden of remembrance, takes place. It becomes a place of singular meditation, held by the expressive force of the concrete sails. A privileged place to contemplate the landscape running away, seek a horizon in the Charente plain, a position to think about the paths traveled.

  ▼进入墓地后登上几级台阶到达架高的平台,a few steps leading to the elevated platform

  ▼纪念花园,the Jardin des Souvenirs

  ▼纪念花园成为原有公墓与新公墓之间的过渡,the Jardin des Souvenirs becomes the transition between the existing cemetery and the new extension

  ▼新旧围墙之间留出一个通道,两者形成材料和时代的对比;the new and old walls sandwich an alley way, making a contrast of time and materials

  ▼新墙细部,details of the new wall

  ▼墓地内向外的视野,a view towards outside from inside of the cemetery

  ▼总平面,the site plan

  ▼扩建墓地平面,the plan of the new cemetery

  ▼新围墙立面和平面,the elevation and plan of the new wall

  ▼扩建墓地短剖面,the short section of the cemetery

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